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31 Day Bill Organizer

Organizing your papers can reduce your overall stress.
Organizing your papers can reduce your overall stress.

Having a 31 day bill organizer can help you stay on top of all your financial responsibilities, ensuring you don't have any surprise payments at the end of the month. You will enjoy the fiscal freedom that comes with proper organization, improving various aspects of your life from household clutter to your credit score.

What Is a 31 Day Bill Organizer?

A 31 day bill organizer is a compact unit that contains slots or compartments designed to hold your various bills and invoices in such a manner they are easy to sort and find. They come in many different varieties, however most resemble a wood shelf, with or without a coordinating drawer that holds bill-related items such as stamps, a pen, and even an address book. Some organizers go for a classic or rustic look that is as convenient to display as it is to use, while others just focus on convenience by being easily stuffed into a drawer or file cabinet with no problem. Whatever type of bill organizer you choose, you're sure to appreciate the added order it brings into your life. Never again will you have to frantically search for that bill at the last minute.

Recommended Organizers

There are plenty of places to purchase a 31 day bill organizer, and even more shopping options online. However, it is recommended you see our organizer in person if possible so you can ensure the size and style will work well for you. Return shipping can be inconvenient and expensive. Below are just a few top bill organizers to check out.

Christopher Lowell

Christopher Lowell knows style and organization, as he's made a career for himself out of finding organizational solutions for homeowners looking for an equally creative and functional design. Now through Office Depot, Lowell has designed the 31-Day Bill Organizer. It comes in a pretty shade of medium cherry, and features 2 drawers and a roll top compartment. You'll love the other coordinating products available to compliment your organizer, and the price is very reasonable at around $30.

Stacks and Stacks

At the online shop Stacks and Stacks, you will find the rotating bill organizer, which features a sleek design ideal for any desktop. A black cylinder with storage space on top for stamps, paperclips and other small office objects, you simply give it a spin to find the bill you're ready to pay. You can purchase the rotating bill organizer for around $60 and receive free shipping.


At Improvements, an all inclusive home store, you can find a bill organizer that features two drawers, a sturdy top divider, and a rustic wood look that will coordinate well with any home. Choose from black, cherry or oak, and opt out of the drawers to save some money if you are on a tight budget.

File Envelopes

If you don't want to purchase a formal bill organizer, you can purchase a file folder with multiple pockets. Many of these are sold with a laminated plastic casing that is soft enough to fasten and stick in a desk drawer, while being durable enough to protect your bills from spills or other around-the-house accidents.

Make Your Own

A final solution for those looking for an organizer specifically for bills and invoices, is to make one yourself. This is a good idea for those who are crafty and prefer a personalized look. This way you can design your bill organizer to look any way you want it to, and it can even become a conversation piece for those who admire your handiwork. Who knew bill paying could be fun?

31 Day Bill Organizer