Blue Gold Industrial Cleaner

Blue Gold cleaner is an ideal household cleaning remedy.

Blue gold industrial cleaner is a non-toxic concentrated cleaner that can be used for a variety of purposes. It is environmentally safe and very economical. It is primarily used in industrial and commercial businesses to safely clean equipment and parts. It is also a preferred cleaner for scuba diving equipment.

Blue Gold Industrial Cleaner Basics

Blue Gold is a liquid, water soluble cleaner that is available in concentrated form. It is mixed to certain concentrations depending on what level of cleaning power a business is looking for. It is an effective replacement for over a dozen toxic chemicals that are used in the work place.

The cleaner effectively removes lime and particle build-up on industrial machines, without harming the parts of the machines or leaving behind residue. Blue Gold removes oils from the machinery and surfaces without absorbing it, so it can be cycled several times through the machinery without losing effectiveness.

Sold for over 25 years, Blue Gold is a proven cleaner. It removes build up and grime from a variety of surfaces without causing damage to the surface. It can safely clean painted surfaces, rubber, silicon, metal, leather, carpet, electric wiring insulation and many other materials. Unlike other powerful cleaners, it can clean aluminum without showing corrosion.

Since it's available in a concentrated form, Blue Gold Industrial Cleaner is very economical to use. It has an indeterminate shelf life. When it is used at its recommended 5% concentration, the cost per useable gallon is just 44 cents. In laboratory tests, Blue Gold containers lasted four times as long as the competitors that it was tested against.

Blue Gold Cleaner Safety

This cleaner is non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-flammable. Every ingredient used to make Blue Gold is on the TSCA inventory list. It has no biological oxygen demand and no volatile organic compounds. As a demonstration, the owner of the company drinks the cleaner at trade shows to display its safety.

Blue Gold allows companies to clean their equipment safely without risking pollution in the area. The cleaner rinses off without polluting ground water and it can be recycled for future use. Companies that use Blue Gold can avoid hefty finds from the EPA for environmental waste.

It is fully compliant with all OSHA regulations. By using the cleaner, companies can remove the risk of work place related injuries from caustic and dangerous chemicals. When a company uses Blue Gold, they reduce workplace injury risk so their insurance premiums may lower after prolonged use.

Blue Gold Cleaner is safe to use in a wide variety of industries. It has been proven effective in these applications:

  • Aerospace
  • Aircraft
  • Automotive
  • Buses
  • Canning
  • Diving
  • Food Plants
  • Electronics
  • Irrigation
  • Railway
  • Restaurants
  • Utilities
  • Vessels

As with all industrial cleaners, Blue Gold should be used with care. If an employee is using the cleaner for hand washing purposes, he or she should wear gloves. Although the cleaner is non-toxic it removes oils from the hands and can be very drying.

Blue Gold Cleaner Savings

Blue Gold Cleaner can save companies money in a variety of ways. It comes in 55 gallon drums that can last for years because it is only used in 5% concentrations. The cleaner can be recycled so one diluted batch can last over several cleaning sessions.

The cleaner reduces insurance premiums because it increases safety at a company. Companies receive discounts for removing caustic and hazardous materials from their workspace. By using Blue Gold as a replacement for several harsh chemical cleaners, a company owner can save on insurance.

Blue Gold reduces the likelihood of worker injury and costs related to worker's comp programs. Because it is safe to use, workers will remain safe while using it.

Blue Gold Industrial Cleaner can be purchased through a distributor, which can be found by contacting the Blue Gold Corporate office.

Blue Gold Industrial Cleaner