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Article Highlight: How to Clean the Fringe on Oriental Rugs

Rug fringe is a byproduct of the weaving process of rugs. This is a feature that many rug enthusiasts really enjoy about their Oriental or Persian rugs. However, when the fringe starts to look dirty or dingy… Keep reading »

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Floor Cleaning

Keeping the flooring in your home or office clean can sometimes seem like a never-ending battle. When you're searching for solutions for floor maintenance challenges, LoveToKnow Cleaning is a go-to resource you can rely on.

Floor Cleaning and Maintenance Resource

Just as there are many different kinds of floors, there are also numerous types of floor cleaning and maintenance challenges. Examples of what you can learn from the articles at LoveToKnow Cleaning include:

Stain Removal

Dealing with stains is one of the most difficult and common maintenance problems for flooring.

Flooring Types

Various flooring types have their own cleaning needs and challenges.

Solutions for Floor Cleaning Problems

Let LoveToKnow Cleaning be your first stop any time you're looking for a solution to your floor cleaning needs. Whether you're looking for everyday cleaning tips, need help with unique problems, or are wondering how to choose the right portable steam cleaner or manual floor cleaner, chances are you'll find useful information that meets your needs each time you visit the site.

Floor Cleaning Tips