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Complete Bathroom Cleaning Checklist for the Ultimate Clean

Complete Bathroom Cleaning Checklist for the Ultimate Clean

Here's a little secret. No one likes cleaning their bathroom. There...we said it. But there's also an easier way to do it. Do you want to know how? Download a checklist. It keeps you on track and makes your bathroom… Keep reading »

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Keeping your home clean can be a challenging and time-consuming process. When you're seeking useful ways to simplify the process and keep you on schedule, try out these quick go-to house cleaning tips and tricks.

Helpful Tips to Keep Your Home Clean

When it comes to house cleaning topics, it's hard to know where to start. Should you start in the kitchen? Is the bathroom the place to be? Well, it doesn't matter where you start as long as it gets done. And there are always tricks to make your daily cleaning schedule a little lighter. Get quick and helpful tips and tricks for cleaning every room in your home.

Kitchen Cleaning Solutions

Kitchen cleaning is one of the most challenging aspects of daily home maintenance. But it's also an area you don't want to neglect, mostly because this is where you prepare your food. Make kitchen cleaning easier through a few simple tricks.

  • Keep it simple: Keep baking soda and white vinegar on hand for kitchen cleaning. Not only are they effective, but they're chemical-free.
  • Don't forget hidden areas: Use a vacuum with an attachment to get buildup out of drawers or in corners.
  • Pay attention to countertops: For example, granite countertops take a bit of extra love to clean properly.
  • Clean all appliances: Don't neglect necessary appliances like your garbage disposal and dishwasher.

Bathroom Cleaning Made Easier

Cleaning the bathroom is never fun, but it only gets worse if you put off the task. Improve your skills with common bathroom cleaning hacks.

  • Watch for mold: Try hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar for tackling mold rather than reaching for the bleach.
  • Clean chrome: Aluminum foil can do wonders for bringing life back to your chrome on your faucet and tub.
  • Clean all the toilet areas: When cleaning the toilet, make sure to check the toilet tank and also clean the toilet brush to keep bacteria at bay.
  • Multipurpose cleaning tools: Take your magic eraser out of the kitchen and try it on those stubborn shower walls and tub stains.

Room Cleaning Tips

While the kitchen and bathroom are by far the big two when it comes to cleaning, they aren't the only rooms in your house. Therefore, it can be helpful to keep some general room cleaning hacks under your belt.

  • Stay organized: When going through a room to clean it, do double duty by organizing as well.
  • Clean a little at a time: As you walk through the room, do a little cleaning like picking up toys and putting things away.
  • Dust all surfaces: Dust can make even the tidiest of rooms look dirty.
  • Be efficient: Make less work for yourself when room cleaning by piling everything that needs to go out of the room in one place, then you can remove everything at once.

General Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your house takes time. Something people don't usually have a lot of. However, using simple hacks can make sure you get the most out of it.

  • Don't forget windows and screens: When it comes to cleaning your windows, don't forget about cleaning the screens. You can take that vinegar you used on the window and make sure the breeze doesn't have a barrier.
  • Think out of the box: Try using a lint roller on the corners of your walls and hallway as a quick way to pick up dust and dog hair.
  • Use prevention tactics: Dryer sheets can make baseboards repel dust and require less cleaning.
  • Try home ingredients for cleaning: Baking soda, Dawn dish soap, and white vinegar are the ultimate trio DIY multipurpose cleaner for most home cleaning messes in any room of your house.

Staying Motivated

It's easy to get frustrated with the ongoing efforts required to keep the house clean. Find solutions and inspiration to keep going when you'd rather throw in the towel. Examples include:

  • Focus on fun: Cleaning doesn't have to be mundane or boring. Find ways to spice it up to make cleaning fun and enjoyable.
  • Use cleaning schedules: Coming up with helpful ways to organize household tasks for maximum efficiency can help keep you on track.

Professional House Cleaning Services

There are a lot of house cleaning services available all over the globe. These go from an individual service to a large commercial cleaner. When choosing a professional cleaning service, it's important to know the cleaning prices beforehand. This way you can make sure you and your cleaner on are the same page for the jobs you need done.

Tips to Keeping Your Home Clean

Cleaning isn't a science. And every cleaner does things a bit differently. However, knowing the basics for cleaning every room has you well on your way to mastering your home.

House Cleaning Tips and Tricks