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How to Clean Rusty Grill Grates: 6 Removal Methods

How to Clean Rusty Grill Grates: 6 Removal Methods

If you leave your barbecue outdoors, you may soon need to know how to clean rusty grill grates. Keeping grill grates rust-free can be a challenge due to the exposure your grill receives outdoors. Keep reading »

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Man Washing Patio Slabs

From your patio to your gutters, outdoor cleaning cleaning or maintenance is a huge chore. Knowing the best way to clean your grill grates or products you can use on your wood deck can save you time and money. Find the tips and tricks for making your yard beautiful all year long!

Polishing Your Patio

Even with the best of care, your patio brick is going to eventually need some tender loving attention. Suds up and check out the best ways to clean your patio. With a little bit of elbow grease, you can get your patio bricks gleaming like they were first laid. It's all about finding the right technique and cleaner.

Detailing Your Deck

What is patio cleaning without getting your deck sparkling? Not only are their homemade deck cleaners that you can use but there are commercial cleaners like Jomax deck cleaner and Olympic cleaner that might be prefect to polish your wood. You can't just go all willy nilly on stubborn stains either. Learn cleaning techniques along with the best products for your wood deck to make those stubborn stains disappear. You'll be amazed at how new your deck can feel after a good cleaning.

Sparkling Patio Furniture

You don't want your patio furniture to look dingy next to your perfectly polished deck. Get your furniture up to snuff by learning how to get mold off plastic furniture or techniques for cleaning mildew. You'll also dive into the world of making those plastic white chairs look new again. With a lot of sweat and few tears, your patio will look better than the day you got it.

Getting the Grit Off Grills

Now it is time to tackle that grill. With a long, long winter to sit and stew, it might be looking rusty and dull. Not to worry! Vinegar can be your best friend for cleaning your BBQ grill. But make sure you pay special attention to the grill racks. And if they are stainless steel racks, you'll need to take special care for cleaning. Your cleaning method might also vary if you have a gas grill or a cast iron one. With these cleaning tricks, you'll be ready for grilling season in no time flat.

Pristine Pool

Is your swimming pool green? It might be time for maintenance. Explore how to scrub out those pool stains or even clean your pool filter. You don't need to call in a specialist when you can do it yourself. Investing in a pool cleaning system might also be to your advantage like Ultraviolet pool cleaning systems or Dolphin Automatic Pool Cleaner. These can save you time for fun instead of chores.

Gutting Your Gutters

There isn't anyone ever that thought cleaning gutters was fun. However, it needs to be done. Rather than paying a professional, you can learn how to clean your gutters on your own. All it takes is the right cleaning tools.

Breezing Through Boat and RV Cleaning

Summer is the best time for travel. The sun and warmth are just calling you. Whether they are calling you out onto the water or to hop into your RV, you need to get them ready. Explore boat preparation like fuel tank cleaning and general maintenance. Looking for product suggestions? Test out Wonderfoam Boat Cleaner or Solutions Waterless Car and RV cleaner. These just might be your new best friends to get ready for fun.

Getting the Answers You Need

Looking for better ways to deal with the challenges posed by exterior cleaning, find helpful, easy-to-follow guidelines and suggestions to make it a bit easier for you to keep the outside of your home spic and span all year long. Whether you're wondering how to clean your lawn furniture or you need tips for cleaning patio brick, you're sure to find what you need.

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