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The Chore Master pressure washer is manufactured by Mi-T-M Corporation (pronounced Mighty M). It was made as the idea pressure washer for home owners. You'll want to learn about the different models so you can decide which one is right for your needs.

About Mi-T-M Corp.

Mi-T-M Corp. was founded in 1971 by A.J. Spiegel in Peosta, Iowa. Mi-T-M got it's start manufacturing pressure washers for the paint industry, but today it have grown dramatically. Now you can purchase commercial pressure washer, space heaters, air compressors, wet/dry vacs and more.

Mi-T-M also has a line of products for consumers. This line is where you'll find the Chore Master pressure washer line. Chore Master comes in four sizes to suit any need. Perfect for the homeowner, the Chore Master series of pressure washers will help you with your toughest cleaning jobs such as cleaning siding, driveways, patios, boats and cars. You'll never know how easy those jobs can be until you get a pressure washer.

The Chore Master Pressure Washer Series

The Chore Master series of pressure washers consists of three sizes. All three carry a one-year limited warranty.

Electric Hand Carry

Chore Master's electric, hand carry models (CM-1250-OMEH or CM-1400-OMEH) are lightweight at only 45 pounds and small enough to throw in the trunk if you need to take it with you (dimensions are 14"x11"x10"). The electric motor is completely enclosed and fan-cooled. It comes with a 35-foot power cord so you can use it nearly anywhere.

You'll also appreciate the professional grade trigger gun with 25 foot hose. The pump has an adjustable pressure unloader valve and inline water strainer. It comes with a one year limited warranty

Portable Gasoline Direct Drive Vertical

If you need something a little bigger, the CV-2400-4MBC is ideal for your first pressure washer. You'll find it handles most anything you need to tackle. You can choose from a Briggs Quantum or Honda OHC engine. Both are easy to maneuver, weigh 54 pounds and provide a handy hose wrap and quick release gun/wand holder to keep things neat and simple.

Just as with the hand-held models, you'll get a professional grade trigger gun with 25 foot hose. You'll also get a two piece lance to extend your reach. These models will also provide you with 2400 psi of water pressure. You'll be volunteering to wash your neighbor's car with this pressure washer.

Portable Gasoline Direct Drive

Bigger yet, the CM-3000 and CM-2600 offers more power for your wash! More stout than the vertical models, these are more stable but just as portable. OMLB models cannot be sold in California. OMLB-C models are available in all 50 states. They weigh from 75 to 85 pounds depending on psi (2600 or 3000).

Your components include a 36 inch lance, professional grade trigger gun with safety lock and 25 foot hose. A 50 foot hose is also an option. You'll also get quick connect 15 degree, 25 degree and detergent nozzles.

Chore Master Warranty

All Chore Master pressure washers carry a one year limited warranty. This includes one year on the motor, a one year parts and labor warranty and a one year pump warranty. Mi-T-M products are built to last and they stand behind everything they make.

Where to Buy

If you think the Chore Master line of pressure washers is the one for you, you can visit Mi-T-M's Dealer Locator page. Just click on your state and select the dealer closest to you.


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Chore Master Pressure Washer