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Cleaning Decks

Cleaning decks is part of being a homeowner, particularly during seasonal changes from cold and wet winters and springs to hot and muggy summer.

Tips for Cleaning Decks

If you can keep your deck swept regularly to avoid the build up of leaves and other detritus in any season, you can reduce the chance for mold, fungus and other unpleasant effects on the wood.

Deck Sanding

Sanding your deck may seem like an extreme way to clean it, but in the case of decks that have suffered a lot of neglect, sanding may be a way to get below the build up and start fresh with clean, smooth wood.

Power Washing
Power washing uses high pressured water to blast off dirt, debris and other embedded particles that damage the overall look of your deck. Some homeowners will power wash as a part of cleaning decks seasonally.

Sealing and Staining

Sealing and staining your deck can protect the longevity of the wood. You will likely restain or reseal it every three to five years depending on the product you use. Before adding your sealant, be sure to clean your deck thoroughly to prevent embedding particles underneath the sealant where they may continue to damage the wood.

Different Surface Method

If your deck is surfaced with a different material than wood, you may need to use a different cleaning method. Granite and stone for example may require polishing to blast away the dirt and create a sheen.

Brick Surfaces

Brick surfaced decks and patios can be power washed like wood with pressurized water. Regular sweeping can keep it free of debris and you can use a water hose for standard cleaning. You can buy brick sealant to reduce wear and tear from the elements. Be sure to follow the directions specifically when it comes to sealing brick.


A leaf blower can help you dry damp leaves and blow them efficiently off the wood without scraping the surface. A blower is a good tool for cleaning decks of other loose detritus and debris, saving you time on sweeping.

Maintain Repairs

Cleaning decks and keeping them up requires regular maintenance. Be sure to repair any loose wood, railings or boards when they happen. Wood that is dislodged can be a safety hazard to others.

Enjoy Your Clean Deck

Cleaning decks may not be a fun task, but it's definitely worth it when you spend your first warm afternoon or cool morning, relaxing on your clean and attractive deck.

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Deck Cleaning and Maintenance Gallery