Cleaning Toilet Bowls

Clean the toilet once a week.

When it comes to cleaning house, no task is dreaded as much as cleaning toilet bowls in the bathroom. Even though cleaning a toilet isn't something that you're ever likely to see as fun, the chore can be completed faster and easier if you approach it the right way, use the correct types of cleaning products and follow a regular cleaning schedule.

Toilet Bowl Cleaning Steps

Unless the toilet bowl has deep and dark rings, cleaning toilet bowls can be quick and easy. Follow these steps to clean a toilet bowl:

  1. Open windows and put on protective rubber or latex gloves.
  2. Flip the toilet lid and seat up.
  3. Squirt a commercial or homemade cleaning product under the toilet bowl rim.
  4. Spray or sprinkle some cleaning product in the rest of the bowl.
  5. Let the products sit for five to fifteen minutes, or as recommended on the product label.
  6. Take a scrub brush and scrub down the sides and bottom of the toilet bowl until it is clean.
  7. Flush the products down the toilet.

After cleaning the toilet bowl, continue cleaning the rest of the toilet fixture. Do not use the scrub brush you used on the bowl to clean the rest of the toilet, as it may spread germs that were present in the bowl to the handle or seat. Spray the top and sides of the tank, handle, lid and seat. Wipe them down using a damp rag, following with a dry rag. Wait to clean the bottom of the toilet until after mopping the floor, as grime can be transferred from the floor to the base of the toilet when the mop brushes against the toilet. Finish up by wiping down the base of the toilet.

Toilet Bowl Cleaning Products

A number of products are on the market for cleaning bathrooms and toilets. Commercial brands of cleaning products that include toilet bowl cleaners include:

Commercial chemical cleansers are not always environmentally safe cleaning products. If you are concerned about using environmentally safe cleaners, you may want to make and use a homemade cleaning remedy or look for toilet cleaning products made by companies that specialize in earth friendly cleaners.

Clean Stubborn Toilet Rings

People often wait until the bowl is visibly dirty before tackling the dreaded chore of toilet cleaning. When too much time passes between cleanings, rings often appear at the water line of the toilet. These rings are from a build-up of various deposits, like rust, calcium and lime. Cleaning them with regular commercial products or house cleaning remedies may not work on stubborn stains.

To eliminate stubborn rings, turn off the water flow. Rings cannot be eliminated if the bowl is still full of water. After turning the water off, empty the bowl by flushing once. Then, fill the bowl above the ring line with white vinegar or a mixture of bleach and water. Chlorine is another substance that is often used successfully. Be sure to open windows to avoid fume buildup and wear protective gloves. Let this sit overnight. The next day, try scrubbing the ring with a scrubber.

If stubborn toilet rings persist after the overnight soak, it may be necessary to scrape the rings off. This is a delicate process, as it may scratch the toilet bowl. Use a small straight edge razor or natural pumice stone. Carefully and lightly scrub the ring off, adding more pressure as needed. Do small areas at a time, so any resulting scratches are small.

Toilet Bowl Maintenance

The more often a toilet bowl is cleaned, the easier the job becomes. Add cleaning the toilet bowl to your daily house cleaning schedule. Maintaining the toilet bowl by doing a quick spray and scrub each day will keep stains, rings and germs out of the toilet and the bathroom.

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Cleaning Toilet Bowls