Daily Cleaning Schedule

daily cleaning schedule

A daily cleaning schedule can help keep you on track so that your house never turns into an unmanageable mess. Cleaning a bit each day can help you to avoid the need for massive cleaning marathons at the end of the week, and can help ensure your home remains organized and beautiful.

Creating a Daily Cleaning Schedule

Everyone's home, and everyone's tolerance for mess, is different. As a result, your daily cleaning schedule needs to be custom-made to meet your needs. While there are certain tasks that belong on every daily schedule, before you sit down to create your own plan, you'll need to make a decision on what purpose you want your cleaning schedule to accomplish.

Purpose of Your Schedule

Some people want their cleaning schedule to simply ensure that the clutter and chaos in their homes doesn't get out of control. If this is your aim, your daily schedule should just include simple tasks- such as doing the dishes, hanging up clothes and dealing with clutter.

Others believe in the philosophy that essentially all cleaning tasks can be broken down into small chunks that can be handled on a daily basis. A version of this system was made popular by the "Fly Lady" who sends out daily tasks. If you accomplish the daily cleaning tasks on Fly Lady's list everyday, you'll be able to complete all the required cleaning tasks - including periodic projects such as cleaning the top of the fridge or behind the dryer - and do so in just a few minutes a day.

Tasks to Include

The appropriate tasks to include depend upon the purpose of your cleaning schedule. However, certain tasks should always make your list. These tasks include:

  • Washing all dishes. You never want to let dishes build up in the sink, if you can help it. A large pile of dishes is an overwhelming project and the bigger the pile, the less you will feel like doing it. Ideally, wish dishes as you go. If you can't, do them all by the end of the day so you'll have a nice clean skin every morning
  • Wipe down kitchen counters. Dirt on the counter can serve as a breeding ground for bacteria. Wipe the counters down at the end of the day with a quick swipe of a sponge or antibacterial wipe. Clorox and various other companies make handi-wipes that make this a breeze
  • Handle the floors. Of course you won't want to wash your floors everyday, but a quick swipe of the kitchen floor with a broom or a Swiffer equivalent can extend the time required in between thorough washings and can help keep crumbs (that might attract bugs or mice) away
  • Do a load of laundry. This is most important for families, where laundry can get out of control quickly. By doing one load a day, you'll avoid spending your weekend tackling a big pile of dirty clothes
  • Control the clutter. Mail should be put away and other papers filed by the end of each day. This lessens the chance that something important will accidentally be thrown away, and your house will look much cleaner without stacks of paper everywhere. To the same end, keep a bucket by both the top and bottom of the stairs. Anything that needs to go up or down should be put in the bucket, and when you happen to be going up or down anyway, you can grab the items and take them to their proper locations on your way.
  • Wipe out the sinks. This is a good practice for both bathroom and kitchen sinks. When you brush your teeth each night before bed, simply grab a paper towel and do a quick swipe of the sink. This will make your bathroom look much cleaner and will also lessen the need for full-scale scrubbing of dried on toothpaste. As far as the kitchen sink, when you've done your last load of dishes for the day, a quick once-over with the sponge will keep the sink looking nice and keep bacteria away
  • Hang up clothes. It can be tempting to let the work clothes linger on the chair next to your bed, or to leave your coat hanging over the door. This makes a room look messy though, and leaves you with a pile of clothes to put away, which can seem daunting.

Special Projects

If you plan to also distribute all your other cleaning tasks onto a schedule, you can make a list of special projects you want to get done and then divide those into chunks to do each day. Add them to your list and get them done as you go. Subscribing to a service such as Fly Lady will also help you accomplish this same goal.

Sticking to Your Schedule

Everyone has the best of intentions when it comes to cleaning, but sometimes life gets in the way. If you get in the habit of following your daily cleaning schedule everyday, soon it will become second nature and you'll be able to do it effortlessly.

Daily Cleaning Schedule