Fireplace Clean Up

Managing Fireplace Clean Up

Fireplace clean up doesn't have to be an onerous chore if you maintain it regularly.

Managing Fireplace Clean Up

A fireplace is a wonderful addition to any home and can be the cozy backdrop for romance, family time or just kicking back and relaxing. But if you don't keep your fireplace clean, it can become a hazard.

Hire a Chimney Sweep

Safety is paramount when dealing with your fireplace, but so is keeping it fresh and reducing the sooty smell that can overwhelm the scent of fresh wood burning.

Hire a professional chimney sweeper to clean the chimney at least once a year. The professional will have the tools and the knowledge to remove any obstructions (such as bird's nests) and reduce the build up of creosote.

Spritz the Ashes

Ashes accumulate in your fireplace after every fire. You should clean out the excess ashes regular to reduce build up. When cleaning the ashes out, use a spray bottle with water to reduce the spread of dust all over your front room. Spritzing with water can also help you avoid aggravating your allergies or breathing in sooty dust.

Cleaning out the Ashes

When cleaning out the ashes, be sure to leave a light layer of ash behind unless you are cleaning out the fireplace fully and don't plan to use it again for several months (such as the beginning of Spring). A light layer of ash under your wood grate can help protect the floor of the fireplace from too much heat.

Clean the Fireplace Doors

While cleaning out your fireplace, you can actually use the ashes (from real wood, not necessarily the flammable logs purchased in the store) to polish the glass doors of your fireplace. Using a damp ashy cloth on the glass can actually reduce and remove the soot on the doors, then when you wipe them down with a clean damp cloth, they will sparkle and shine with a lot less scrubbing.

Salt the Fireplace

Fireplace clean up can start when you are setting up the wood in the fireplace and before you light it. Add some salt to the logs and you'll actually reduce the amount of sooty smoke that's created. Only add salt before you light it though.

Brown Bag It

Minimize the mess associated with your fireplace by packing wood to burn along with kindling and into a brown paper sack. You won't drop wood chips and other detritus on your floors and carpets when you carry your wood in and you can load the whole paper bag right into the fireplace and light it. The bag will burn up quickly, leaving you with a toasty fire and no mess around the area.

Enjoy Your Fireplace

Regular fireplace clean up will let you kick back and enjoy the fires you build. Learn more about keeping your fireplace and woodburning stoves ash and soot free with a Cricket fireplace vacuumer cleaner.

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Fireplace Clean Up