Self-Cleaning Paint Guide: Brands, Tips and How It Works 

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Using a combination of nano technology and ultraviolet light, Haruna self cleaning paint can keep your house looking great without manual cleaning or repainting.

What is Self Cleaning Paint?

Scientists at the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology, working under the Agency for Science, Technology and Research, also known as A*STAR, developed the technology and process that produces a self cleaning paint using the nano technology of titanium dioxide. In 2007, the product was then licensed to Haruna Singapore Pte Ltd. which now uses titanium dioxide (TiO2) in its production of their unique paint product.

The patented self cleaning paint contains nano-particles of titanium dioxide. When the coating of paint is exposed to the sun, or any other ultraviolet light source, any organic substances on the surface decompose with the oxidative properties contained in the paint's coating. Examples of substances that are decomposed by the ultraviolet rays of the sun include:

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Fungi
  • Other microbe organisms

The paint coating also has the attribute of being hydrophilic. Because of this, when it comes in contact with water, the water forms an even layer and easily washes away any surface accumulation of stains, dirt and dust.

It is the combination of the oxidative properties and its hydrophilic nature that gives the Haruna paint its self cleaning capabilities.

The Benefits of Haruna Self Cleaning Paint

One of the main benefits of the self cleaning paint by Haruna is the lower cost of building maintenance. This is especially true in the case of skyscrapers which are very costly to clean. For example, in Singapore the exteriors of most commercial buildings are washed at least one time each year and sometimes as often as four times per year. Depending on the size of the commercial structure each time the exterior is cleaned the cost can range from $10,000 to $50,000 in Singapore dollars, which is approximately $6,800 to $34,000 in United States currency.

Cleaning building exteriors generally involves scrubbing them with chemical detergents and spraying them with high pressure washers. In addition to the monetary costs involved, the cleaning also used large amounts of energy and manpower.

An important benefit is the water saving aspect of the environmentally friendly self cleaning paint. The amount of water saved is directly related to the number and size of the buildings.

Haruna Singapore: A Company Overview

Haruna Singapore Pte Ltd was started by five enterprising partners with very little cash and big dreams. They raised $300,000 from friends and family and Spring Singapore and the Economic Development Board, under a program that helps fund new start up businesses known as the Seeds program, provided an additional $300,000. Within four years Haruna grew from ten employees and no revenue to fifty employees with more than nine million dollars in revenue.

Haruna's products include a range of environmentally friendly paint and chemical products. Their product line includes a paint that won the Singapore Environmental Council's Green Label that is an anti bacterial paint.

In addition to their anti bacterial and self cleaning paint products, the Haruna line of paints and chemicals also includes the following:

  • Exterior paint
    • Water based acrylic emulsion in gloss, sheen or matt
    • Water based flexible membrane
  • Interior paint
    • Water based acrylic emulsion in gloss, sheen or matt
  • Functional paint
    • Anti bacterial green label paint
    • Silicone paint that is water repellent
    • Thermal insulating coating
    • Enamel mild solvent
  • Industrial paint
    • Polyurethane enamel in gloss or low sheen - solvent type
    • Alkyd enamel in gloss or matt - oil based
  • Floor paint
    • Water based epoxy series for various performance requirements in gloss or matt
    • Solvent-less epoxy series for various performance requirements in gloss
    • Polyurethane resin solvent type in gloss or matt
    • Internal and external hard court coating
  • Road marking paint
    • Water based
  • Roof product
    • System for unglazed roof tiles and flat roofs
  • Surface Preparations
    • Top coatings for natural stones or textured coating
    • Cleaning solutions for masonry surfaces that is textured or painted
    • Skim coating and plastering products for surface preparation
    • Interior and exterior primer - anti alkaline
    • Metal, Galvanized steel or wood primers
    • New masonry silicone primer
  • Architectural products

Although you will still have to clean your windows, using Haruna self cleaning paint eliminates the need for time-consuming maintenance, pressure washing or repainting.

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Self-Cleaning Paint Guide: Brands, Tips and How It Works