Printable Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Don't get overwhelmed with spring cleaning. This helpful spring cleaning checklist is of the best ways to shake off winter and get your home ready for the warmer months. It breaks the tasks down into steps and even gives time estimates so you can plan your day.

Using the Spring Cleaning Checklist

The attached spring cleaning checklist is easy to access and use. All you have to do is click on the image below to download the PDF of the checklist. Print it out and get started. If you need help downloading the document, check out these helpful tips.

spring cleaning checklist printable pdf
Click to download a printable spring cleaning checklist.

Tips to Help

No one looks forward to cleaning, but you can make it go more smoothly if you put some thought into it. As you prepare for your spring cleaning, it can help to keep these tips in mind.

Know When to Start Spring Cleaning

There are no set rules for when to start spring cleaning, but many people begin in late March or early April. Let the climate where you live be your guide. If you live in a cooler place, wait to start until it's warm enough to open the windows while you work. If you live someplace warm, plan to finish your spring cleaning by the time the weather is too hot to leave the windows open. Washing the windows and airing out your home are an important part of the process.

Do Your Basic House Cleaning First

Spring cleaning can be more overwhelming if you start with a messy house. Be sure to take care of basic house cleaning tasks first. Print out a checklist of the basic tasks and tackle those the day before you begin the major cleaning.

Target Problem Areas

The spring cleaning checklist covers many of the dirtiest places in your house, including shower curtains, knobs, and shared appliances. Take a look around and consider adding your own problem areas to the list. They might include things like your kitchen stove top, the shower doors in your bathroom, and other trouble spots. If you're stumped, learn some great home cleaning remedies to help.

Make It Fun

Sure, spring cleaning is a chore, but there are some things you can do to make cleaning fun. Crank up the music, enlist the help of kids, and get it done with a smile on your face.

Start at the Top

It's always a good plan to start at the top and work your way down so that accumulated dust or debris on the floor is the last thing that needs to be cleaned. Start with ceiling fans and light fixtures and end by deep cleaning the carpet or thoroughly cleaning a wood floor.

Clear Out the Clutter

Decluttering is part of spring cleaning, and having less stuff around will make it easier to keep your house looking great. As you clean the kitchen, learn how to organize the cabinets and dispose of things you no longer use. The same goes for cleaning and organizing closets and any other cluttered areas of your home.

A Cleaner, Fresher Home

No matter how you approach spring cleaning, having a checklist will make it better. Check off each item as you complete it. You'll get a sense of accomplishment and see yourself making progress. You'll have a cleaner, fresher home in no time!

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Printable Spring Cleaning Checklist