Finding Kenmore Washer Parts for Your Machine

Kenmore washer parts

Kenmore washer parts refer to a brand name that's been associated with clothes washing machines and dryers since 1927. According to the Kenmore website, one in three homes contains a Kenmore appliance.

About Kenmore Washer Parts

Kenmore washers remain a popular item in modern homes. According to the Kenmore website, 60 percent of homes owned a Kenmore appliance in 2001. Kenmore washers are enormously reliable whether a front or top loader. But all washing machines break down or need maintenance upon occasion and when the warranty runs out, repairing it with Kenmore washer parts may save consumers money and effort.

Sears Parts Direct lets consumers plug their model number in and locate the parts needed. Whether you purchase your parts from Sears Direct or not, it's a good idea to know the exact type of part needed. Once the part is identified, consumers can shop for the best price on and off the Internet.

Model Number

If you don't know where the model number is on your Kenmore washing machine, check the upper left hand corner both on top and under the lid. Check the back control panel front and back. Front loading washing machines usually have a model and serial number inside the door. Your model number should also be on any literature or handbook that came with your washing machine. Anytime you make a new purchase, it's a good idea to take a sticky note and print the machine type, model, model number, serial number and customer service number on it, then attach it to your machine on the front in plain sight. All of this information is very useful, particularly if you have to order a part or call a service man.

Maintenance and Repairs

All home appliances including the Kenmore washer and dryer should be maintained regularly. This means an annual service visit, new belts when needed and cleaning out the filters to prevent clogs. Too often, home owners forget that a washer and dryer in a household of four can be run as often as 12 to 15 times a week; that's 624 to 780 times per year. The amount of laundry that a standard home washing machine and dryer can process is staggering.

Most washing machines need a service call of some kind after five years. That's after processing nearly 4,000 loads of laundry. Maintenance at regular intervals can help prevent issues where the motor burns out from excessive use or breaks down to part wear and tear. You wouldn't wait five years to perform a regular maintenance on your car, protect your home appliances in the same manner.

Before you plan to do the repairs or maintenance yourself, be sure to check the warranty on your Kenmore. As long as the machine is protected by warranty, the company will repair and replace parts as needed.

Shop for Parts Online

You can order parts for your Kenmore washer from Sears Parts Direct and these other websites:

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Finding Kenmore Washer Parts for Your Machine