8 Laundry Baskets on Wheels That Make Life a Little Easier

Laundry Basket on Wheels


If you are tired of carrying a heavy laundry basket back and forth between the living areas of your home and your washing machine, consider getting a laundry basket on wheels. This type of basket is not expensive and can make the laundry process much easier - especially on your back!

Folding Basket on Wheels

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This folding basket is a versatile choice. It folds for easy storage in a closet, pantry, or laundry room and serves double duty as a shopping cart or laundry basket.

Jumbo Laundry Basket

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This jumbo laundry basket is a great choice for large families and small households that only do laundry once or twice a week.

Pull Hamper

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This wheeled hamper has a pull handle, making it particularly easy to maneuver from one room to another.

Portable Laundry Hamper

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This portable wheeled hamper features a pop-up handle and is a convenient solution for quickly and easily transporting laundry between the laundry room and other areas of your home.

Pop Up Clothing Hamper

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This pop up hamper easily adjusts to the right size for the amount of laundry it needs to hold and features a strap for easy pulling from one area to another.

Stacking Laundry Baskets

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If you're looking for laundry baskets on wheels that can be stacked for easy storage, this item is a great choice for you!

Laundry Made Easy


The chore of taking care of your family's laundry will be much easier when you use a laundry basket on wheels rather than one that has to be carried.

Laundry Tips

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8 Laundry Baskets on Wheels That Make Life a Little Easier