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Maytag has a reputation for longevity promoted by the lonely Maytag repairman brand, but eventually even Maytag owners will be in the market for washer parts. Whether you call an authorized technician or plan to make repairs yourself, be sure to use authentic Maytag parts.

Maytag Durability

Back in 1907 when Frederick Louis Maytag founded his business, his goal was to design appliances that would last. The Maytag company continues that tradition today, with a variety of appliances including their durable Maytag washers.

Washers available through the Maytag Company today are categorized by different features providing the consumer with options to meet their individual needs.

Front load models are a selling today because of their efficiency factor. Maytag's Epic is a popular choice. However, front load washers are also more expensive. For those on a more restrictive budget, Maytag offers a cheaper model known at the Epicz. If you watch for the "z" on the end of the name, it will alert you to the fact it is the cheaper model. Along with the lower price though, you'll find it presents less features. They also offer a compact front end loader for people who live in apartments or other small accommodations.

Maytag's durable washers are still available in high-efficiency top loader models, too, including their new Bravo which replaced the Neptune model.

Maytag Washer Features

Maytag is a consumer friendly company offering washer models in a variety of sizes including:

  • Standard size
  • Large capacity
  • Super large capacity

Along with Maytag's reputation for long life, the company offers a host of features customers can choose from to find the washer that's right for their needs. Not all of these features are available on every machine, so it pays to educate yourself because once you buy a Maytag, you'll have it for years.

Common Features Include:

  • One-year warranty - This comes with every new Maytag Washer. It covers Maytag Washer parts and labor, but it doesn't cover damage that occurs due to an accident.
  • Wash presets - All Maytag washers are equipped with a variety of wash preset options. The less expensive machines have less options than their more expensive counterparts, but they all offer preset options.
  • Dispensers - Most Maytag washers are equipped with dispensers. Again, what dispensers are included depends on the machine you buy. Possible dispenser features include dispensers for bleach and/or fabric softener.
  • Temperature Levels - Many of the Maytag washers come with three to five temperature levels.
  • Quiet - The quiet operation feature doesn't come on every Maytag washer, but it is a popular feature worth investing in if you'd like to hear less from your washer while it is in operation.

Maytag Washer Parts and Repairs

The Maytag Company offers two ways to have your washer serviced. You can schedule a visit by an authorized Maytag service technician through their online scheduling tool, or you can call a local service provider to set up an appointment. If you're not sure where to find an authorized Maytag technician locally, visit the Maytag website to locate a servicer.

If your warranty has expired and you want to repair your washer yourself, you can find Maytag parts at a number of online vendors.

If you don't plan on making repairs yourself in the future, you may be interested in looking into purchasing an extended warranty. However, because of Maytag's reputation for needing few repairs, many people choose to just pay for the repair if or when it is needed.

Online Resources for Appliance Parts

The following vendors provide Maytag Washer parts, as well as parts for other major brands like Kenmore and Whirlpool. Most of them offer help to determine exactly which part you need to fix your machine:

  • Easy Appliance Parts - Let's you search by part or model number. It's as easy as filling the number in the search tool and they help find your part.
  • - Let's you narrow your search by model number, brand type, appliance type and part type.
  • - Find the part you need by searching brand, model or part number.
  • - Provides Maytag washing machine troubleshoot, and help with problems and support as you look for the part you need.
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Maytag Washing Machine Parts: Keep Your Washer Going Strong