Miele Vacuum Best for Pets

Miele Capricorn S5980
Miele Capricorn S5980

If you struggle to clean up dog and cat hair in your home, you may be interested to know that some reports call the Miele vacuum best for pets and the hair and dander they leave behind.

History of Miele Vacuum

The Miele Company's roots go back more than a century when it first introduced a mechanized butter churner designed to make the life of housewives easier. As the company grew it designed more machines to make everyday life less labor intensive. Their inventions included: washing machines, a fleet of machines run by one motor for dairies involved in butter making, bicycles, and more. By 1931 they introduced their first canister vacuum cleaner, and by 1935 a significant amount of them were being manufactured and sold. The quality of their products was evident as their annual sales topped 100,000 vacuums in 1957.

Miele is a German company that believes in the highest standard for product quality. The company says that Miele means, "durability, reliability, security and peace of mind," a philosophy that has worked for them for more than 107 years.

Miele Vacuum Best for Pets Hair and Dander

Cleaning pet hair from floors and furniture can be time consuming and in some cases almost impossible if you don't have the right equipment. If you're trying to use a vacuum that isn't designed to pick up fine fibers like hair, then you may be blowing or pushing it around. What pet owners don't see is in addition to this is the dander that dances in the air and contaminates your environment when standard vacuums suck it in and blow it out in one easy step. This is true for bird owners, too, as fine bird dander is a known allergen.

If you are a pet owner, Miele vacuums are a smart choice. In fact, you'll find a variety of their canister models are recommended for pet owners. The Miele vacuum best for pets hair and dander is hard to say, because they are all equipped with a HEPA filtration system. However, the Miele Capricorn S5980 is one good choice and is recommended as one of the best for allergy sufferers by a number of dealers. It does a fantastic job on both bare floors and medium pile carpets and filters the allergens from the air instead of blowing them around.

Another good choice for pet owners would be the The Miele Pisces S5280. This is a powerful canister with a sleek design. Its HEPA filtration system is sealed, too, which provides the greatest shield for your indoor air quality.

Other models to consider include:


  • The Miele S7580 Tango
  • Miele S7280 Calypso
  • Miele S7280 Salsa
  • Miele S7280 Jazz

Canister Models:

  • Miele Callisto S5280

Miele HEPE Filtration System

Miele's HEPA filtration system traps tiny particles from the air. This superior filtering system makes vacuuming possible even for those who suffer from asthma. When shopping, check for Miele vacuum models that have the Active HEPA filter which received certification for DMT for excellent air quality. This sealed system traps:

  • Allergens
  • Dust
  • Dust mites
  • More

Other Miele Vacuum Pluses

These state of the art vacuums offer a number of features that make them not only easy to use, but a vacuum that does a great job while keeping your environment and air quality clean.


The Miele Company manufactures upright and canister vacuums known for optimum maneuverability. The SwivelNeck™ technology equips their upright models with effortless steering in any direction. This feature even makes it possible to maneuver upright models in ways never before possible like under beds and other low-profile furniture without stopping to connect a hose and wand to do the job.

Fiber Bags

Miele also has included larger, high-efficiency fiber vacuum bags. This is a plus for two reasons. First it provides more power or suction and the larger size requires less bag changes.

Finger-Tip Controls

One of the features people fall in love with when using a Miele vacuum is the ease with which they can make the machine do what they want it to do. With the touch of a finger, you can control suction and the easy swivel action.

Misc. Pluses

  • Bag change indicator
  • 29.5 length cord
  • Quiet operation

If you're a pet owner in the market for a new vacuum, or someone who suffers from allergies, Miele vacuums offer the highest quality and a vacuum that can pick up pet hair and clean the air at the same time. It's one of the best vacuums on the market.

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Miele Vacuum Best for Pets