Using Olympic Deck Cleaner

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Olympic brand deck cleaner is one of the most reputable products of its kind on the market. The company offers a variety of deck cleaners including its standard Olympic Deck Cleaner, which helps gently clean cedar and redwood decks. In addition, Olympic also offers a premium blend, which goes to work on heavy-duty dirt stuck to a majority of wood-type decks.

Cleaning with Olympic Deck Cleaner

When used properly, Olympic deck cleaner can help get rid of dirt and grime, so that your outdoor living space can shine.

Test First

Regardless of whether you are using Olympic deck cleaner or another brand, you should get into the habit of testing a small, hidden area with the product before applying it to your entire deck. While the product is biodegradable, and can be used on exterior wood and composite surfaces, you just never know how it will react with your particular deck material.


If you are trying to get stubborn dirt and mildew off your deck, you're better off using Olympic's premium deck cleaner. Each ready to use, two-and-a-half gallon container cleans about 250 to 300 square feet. The cleaner penetrates deep into the wood and lifts dirt to the surface, so that it can be rinsed away.

  1. Liberally apply Olympic cleaner to the surface of your deck with a deck care sprayer or a plastic pump-style garden sprayer and hose.
  2. Let it sit for five to 10 minutes
  3. Thoroughly rinse with clean water. No scrubbing is required.

Pros and Cons


One of the benefits of Olympic's line of deck cleaners is that they are readily available at most hardware and home improvement stores. In addition, you can also purchase the product online. Deck owners also love Olympic's cleaner because of its no-scrub feature. When you are cleaning a large deck, being able to eliminate the need to scour is a plus.


Unfortunately, deck cleaners by Olympic don't come without some drawbacks. Olympic premium cleaner is a very aggressive deck cleaner. It includes powerful ingredients in order to clean without scrubbing. Olympic's cleaner contains sodium hypochlorite, or bleach, and may lighten the color of your wood deck. What's more, if you use Olympic brand premium deck cleaner on a weather deck, the degraded wood fibers may give it a fuzzy appearance. You can remove the stray fibers with a high-pressure garden hose, but know that they will likely reappear if you use the product for future cleanings.


Prior to using Olympic brand deck cleaning solutions it's a good idea to spray all plants and vegetation that surround your deck with water before applying the cleaner. You should also cover delicate vegetation to avoid damage.

Do not allow the deck cleaner to come into contact with metal, fabric, or plastic lawn furniture.

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Using Olympic Deck Cleaner