Printable To-Do Lists to Get Organized

Get Organized with Daily To Do Lists
Stay Organized with To-Do Lists

If you're feeling overwhelmed and need to get organized, you just might find that using a to-do-list for the types of tasks you are trying to manage can be very helpful. Not everyone has the same organizational challenges, so LoveToKnow has created a selection of printable to-do lists, checklists and other helpful documents. Download, print and use the ones that will be most beneficial to you.

Holiday and Event To-Do Lists

Household Chores To-Do Lists

  • Free Chore Chart: Use this fill-in chart to help keep your children - and the entire family - organized.
  • General To-do List: Use this helpful fill-in framework to keep yourself organized throughout each week.
  • Cleaning Checklist: Keep up with household cleaning tasks with this easy-to-follow pre-formatted list.
  • Grocery List: Save time and money at the supermarket with this helpful fill-in list.

Seasonal/Periodic Tasks

Financial Organization

  • Donation Tracking Form: Keep track of the donations you make throughout the year so you have good records when tax time rolls around.
  • Expense Tracking Form: Use this printable form if you need an organized way to keep track of your expenditures.
  • Monthly Bill Organizer: Keep up with your monthly bill-paying tasks in an organized manner with this form.

Parenting Duties

  • Homework checklist: Help organize your kids' schoolwork with this daily homework checklist that can be used for any grade level.
  • Babysitter's form: Fill out this form before your next evening out so you can be sure that your childcare helper has all information that might be needed.
  • Morning, afternoon and evening checklist: Keep family chores organized by time of day with this helpful document.

Miscellaneous Checklist

  • Moving Checklist: Make the change to a new home easier and more organized by using this document to get things in order.
  • Organizer page: Print copies of this organizer page so you can make your own day planner with a three-ring binder.

If you need help downloading any of these printables, check out these helpful tips.

More Organizational Help

  • Once you have printed all the checklists that you need, you may want to keep them in a notebook planner for easy organization.
  • Use different color paper to print different types of checklists. This will help you keep things easy to find when you are in a hurry.
  • Save trees and create reusable checklists by laminating your lists. Use a dry erase marker to check off the items as you do them. When you are done with a list, wipe it clean and use it again.
  • Keep your checklists where you can see them and get in the habit of using them regularly. After all, they won't work if you don't use them.

Take Control of Your Schedule

to do list

Choose when you want to get things done, and then do them. In this way you will be controlling your time rather than your chores controlling you the printable to-do lists that you can download here will keep you on target with your goals. Adjust them to meet your specific needs and keep reminders handy for the little things you might otherwise forget.

Printable To-Do Lists to Get Organized