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If you're always looking for new ways to keep your bathroom clean and free from germs, you'll be excited to see the results of LoveToKnow's Scotch-Brite Bathroom Solutions review. Scotch-Brite recently sent me a selection of its reusable Bathroom Solutions cleaning products to try. I was highly impressed by each of the items, and am happy to have an opportunity to provide LoveToKnow Cleaning's readers with information about the product line.

Unique Bathroom Cleaning Challenges

Bathroom cleaning poses unique challenges for several reasons. The room is used quite frequently, and conditions remain damp much of the time. This can contribute to mold and mildew buildup that can cause unpleasant odors, unsanitary conditions, and contribute to allergies. These are just a few of the reasons that keeping the bathroom clean at all times is so important.

However, keeping bathroom clean can certainly be challenging. Many of the areas that require the most cleaning are quite difficult to reach, such as around the base of the toilet, in and around the bathtub and along the bottom of the cabinetry. It can be quite difficult to clean all of the nooks and crannies in a bathroom.

Scotch-Brite Bathroom Solutions Products

Recognizing the importance of helping consumers keep up with their household cleaning taks, Scotch-Brite's product development team has created a line of cleaning products designed specifically to handle bathroom cleaning tasks. Rather than marketing a single product claiming that it can do everything, the company created customized items for the various tasks that must be performed to keep a household bathroom clean and sanitary.

The Scotch-Brite Bathroom Solutions line includes:

  • Nook and Cranny Scrubber - Small, think abrasive sponge with three extended tips that can fit easily into even the smallest cracks and crevices. Of all the items I tried for the Scotch-Brite Bathroom Solutions review, this one is by far my favorite. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it can be to get built up grime out of crevices with the right kind of tool.
    Scotch-Brite Nook and Cranny
  • Angled Scrubber - The angled scrubber is designed to make it easy to clean corners, making it perfect partner for the nook and cranny scrubber. Like the traditional Scotch-Brite sponges, this item has an abrasive side for scrubbing and a soft, absorbent side.
  • Tub and Shower Scrubber - This item has a flexible handle that is easy to hold and is just the right size for bathtub and shower cleaning. It is much easier on your arms than using a standard sponge or cloth for tub and shower cleaning. It is very effective at removing soap scum without leaving behind unsightly scratches.
  • Grout Scrubber - If you have struggled to clean grout in the past, you will love this item. It is a powerful cleaning tool that can make easy work of removing grime from tub, shower, and vanity top grout. Even though it's quite powerful, it's designed to avoid scratching the area surrounding the grout.
  • Counter Cloth - Scotch-Brite's Counter Cloths are designed to replace paper towels to clean up spills and other messes from your bathroom vanity, floor and other areas. These convenient cleaning cloths are machine washable and can be used over and over.
  • Mirror Cloth - If you find yourself wiping off your bathroom mirror with your towel only to be aggravated by the streaks and bits of lint left behind, you'll love the Mirror Cloth item in the Bathroom Solutions product line. This cloth is perfect for wiping down mirrors as well as glass and chrome surfaces without leaving behind anything you don't want. The cloth can be reused and is machine washable.

Environmental Advantage

The fact that the Scotch-Brite Cleaning Solutions product line features items that are designed to be reused is a big plus. Single use products, while convenient, are not the best option for the environment or for a household budget. Since each of the Bathroom Solutions products is designed for multiple uses, when you choose items from the product line you won't be wasting your money on items that are destined for a landfill after being used just one time.

Scotch-Brite Bathroom Solutions Review Conclusion

If you're like most homeowners, bathroom cleaning is probably one of your least favorite chores. It's certainly near the bottom of my list. Even though I can't say that using Scotch-Brite Bathroom Solutions products actually made me enjoy cleaning the bathroom, it certainly made the work easier. These products are high quality items that work very effectively for their intended purposes.

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Scotch Brite Bathroom Solutions Review