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Cleaning Options for Laminate Floors

Keep Your Floors Looking Great

Are you wondering what you should do to keep your laminate floors clean and in great condition? Here are several cleaning options you may want to consider.

Sweeping Your Laminate Floors

Sweeping is a standard form of cleaning any non-carpeted floor from the tile to the concrete to the wood and of course to the laminate. You want to use a soft broom rather than a hard edged broom to protect the laminate surface.

Vacuum Your Laminate Floors

Many vacuums have a hard floor setting to help you get a clean 'sweep' of the hard floor surface. Regular vacuuming can help reduce the dust and hair on your laminate floors that can make them dingy, dull and dirty.

Wet Mop Method

Wet mopping the laminate floor is one recommendation for getting a shiny clean. You'll want to vacuum it first in order to keep from pushing the dirt around. Follow up the vacuuming or sweeping with the wet mop and most laminate floors get a nice shine to them.

Cleaning Laminate with Vinegar

Mixing vinegar and water is one cleaning solution, 1/4 cup of vinegar for every cup of water, recommended for cleaning laminate floors. The vinegar breaks down oils and grease that can accumulate particularly in kitchen areas. Be sure to sweep and vacuum prior to wet mopping with the vinegar and water solution.

The Swiffer Method

Some lists on tips on cleaning laminate floors recommends the Swiffer swift mop. This easily purchaseable damp mop and cleanser system allows for fast clean ups of the laminate floor. While Swiffer has problems with the grout on tile, it doesn't have the same issues with the smooth laminate surfaces.

Manufacturer's Recommendations

Some manufacturers of laminate floors recommend their own cleansers and cleaners. Some laminate floor purchases include a sample of the recommended cleanser. While these products may not always be economical, they can be used for deep cleaning.

Clean Floors - Clean House

One easy way to keep the appearance of a clean house is to present clean floors. Nine times out of ten, when your floors are clean, it makes the rest of your house look clean whether you cleaned it or not. So be sure to add sweeping your laminate floors to your daily schedule and you'll find that your house looks and feels cleaner.

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Cleaning Options for Laminate Floors