Ways to Organize Clothing

Is Your Closet a Nightmare?


There are many ways to organize clothing, whether the clothes are in a closet, dresser, trunk, or under bed storage. By choosing the best organization tools and storage equipment, you can be sure your wardrobe is easy to access and coordinate no matter what the size of your closet. Proper clothing organization is more challenging than just having bins and hooks, however: you have to use the tools appropriately to be the most efficient.

Multi-Slack Hangers

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Use multi-item hangers to neatly maximize hanging closet space. Suit hangers can keep coordinating pieces together, and multi-slack or multi-blouse hangers can help you group similar clothing items together. If you use more than one hanger, consider separating items by season or color for even more organization.

Drawer Dividers

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You’ll never shuffle through a messy drawer if you use the proper dividers. Separate underclothes, belts, socks, lingerie, and other items into appropriately sized compartments for easy access.

Daily Hanging Shelves

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Teach kids ways to organize clothing with daily labeled hanging shelves. These are the perfect way to choose school clothes to avoid an uncoordinated morning rush.

Tiered Shoe Rack

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A tiered shoe rack maximizes floor space and keeps shoes coordinated. Put the most frequently worn pairs on the top rack for easy access. Other options include revolving shoe racks and over-the-door models as well.

Zippered Garment Bags

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Use a zippered garment bag to store formal attire or seasonal clothes that won’t be worn for long periods of time. A zippered bag is sturdy and slim, and will keep dust, powder, and pests out of the clothes.

Hanging Shelves

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Does your closet have nothing but rods? Add immediate shelving with hanging shelves for sweaters, shirts, shoes, and other clothing items. Use hanging shelves for frequently worn items, and consider rotating the items on the shelves seasonally.

Over Door Hooks

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The back of a door is a great place to store and organize clothes. A single hook can hold a favorite sweater or sweatshirt, frequently worn belt, pajamas, or purse, keeping it out of the way but easily accessible. For more over door storage, consider pocket racks, shoe racks, or multiple hooks.

Sweater Bags

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Store seasonal clothes such as heavy sweaters, swimwear, and more in zippered vinyl bags. These bags can be easily stacked on out-of-reach shelves until they are needed, and they will keep the clothes neat and clean. To prevent musty smells, add a fresh dryer sheet in each bag, or for even more space, consider vacuum compressed space saver bags.

Non-Slip Tie Rack

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A non-slip tie rack can hold more than ties; it is also a convenient way to organize scarves, belts, or even clunky necklaces and pendants. Be sure to choose a non-slip model so items are held firmly and will not fall when an adjacent item is removed.

Expandable Closet Organizer

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A chrome expandable closet organizer is a sturdy way to make the most of your closet space no matter how often your space needs change. If you need less space, the rack can contract so it is smaller, while thicker, bulkier clothes may use more room.

Storage Bins

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Shallow storage bins can easily slip under a bed or couch to store extra shoes, seasonal clothes, or spare items out of sight. Choose bins that fit fully beneath furniture without rubbing against legs or braces, and opt for models with wheels that can be easily moved without damaging floors. These maximize your storage space and provide you with ways to organize clothing.

Ways To Organize Clothing!


By using your storage space effectively and choosing the right tools for the job, your closet, dresser, and clothes racks can be neat and efficient, letting you choose the perfect outfits with ease.

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Ways to Organize Clothing