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Sweat Stain Removal

Sweat Stain Removal

Everyone sweats and everyone needs to understand sweat stain removal. Old sweat stains can leave your shirts discolored, particularly if you don't get the sweat out. Since everyone sweats, so here are some tips to help you get sweat stains out.

Read Clothing Labels

Review your clothing labels before you wash anything. Particularly if you are wearing silk or wool. Sweat stain removal can do more than good on some fabrics. So better to be safe than sorry. If it says dry clean only, do what the clothing label says.

Deodorant Stains

Worried that it's not a sweat stain but a deodorant stain? It's easy to tell the difference. Sweat stains turn green or yellow and have an almost crunchy texture. If the stain is white or clear, but greasy then treat it like a grease stain because it's due to the deodorant.

Say No to Bleach

Don't treat sweat stains with bleach even if you are cleaning white cotton. Sweat is filled with proteins and bleach reacts chemically with those proteins and can actually discolor the white further. A yellow stain can become deep mustard in color. So just say no to bleach and move on.


Standard laundry detergents work well on general sweat stains. If you're concerned about how heavy duty yours are, use one that is oxygenated or look for one that specializes in heavy protein stains like grass or food stains. If regular washing seems unsuccessful, soak the area with the detergent for thirty minutes prior to washing. Don't dry in a dryer until you are sure the stain is gone.


For sweat stains that are hard to remove, treat the area with water and detergent, then laying it out in the sun. Keep the area damp and let it sit in the sun for a few hours, then launder normally and air dry.

Hydrogen Peroxide

You should only use this on white fabrics with a sweat stain. But peroxide will get the proteins out and break them up, this will also reduce or remove the stains. Stay away from your colored fabrics with this solution.

Vinegar and Water

Water and vinegar work well on colored fabrics for getting the sweat stain out. Stick to white vinegar and use only a tablespoon for every cup of water. Soak the affected area for a half hour and then launder as normal. As always, air dry until you are sure the stain is removed.

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Sweat Stain Removal