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Time Saving Organization Tips

organizing tips
Time saving organization tips can save you money and frustration.

Time saving organization tips can save you steps that in turn will save you time and frustration. Using organization tips begins with becoming organized and then staying organized.

Your Time Saving Organization Tips

Time saving organization tips begins with organizing your time.

Step One

The first step to becoming organized is to create a to do list that lets you identify what jobs, tasks or chores you need to get done. You should add everything to the list from paying bills to cooking meals to shopping and down time. It's important when you're trying to organize your time that you make time for yourself in order to relax and de-stress.

Additional Tip: Add everything to this first list including errands, ferrying kids to extra-curricular activities and more.

Step Two

Now that you have a complete list of your activities, chores and tasks, break the list down by daily, weekly and monthly. You want to make the breakdown as specific as possible. Assign errands and appointments by the days of the week. For example, list weekly grocery shopping on Saturdays if that is when you do it. Chores or tasks that are not assigned a day should be set aside until you have filled in all the set time events.

Additional Tip: By chunking your tasks by days, weeks and months, you can identify particularly busy times and slot in tasks into more available time.

Step Three

Now that you've organized your to do list by days, months and weeks, study the listing and identify what tasks are absolutely yours and what tasks can be shared with someone else in the family. For example, daily chores like dishes, taking out the trash, yard work and more. By sharing the tasks, you can save yourself time.

Additional Tip: Sharing common household tasks and chores with your family is a good way to teach kids responsibility and minimize stress. Also by prioritizing, you can identify what items you can relocate from busy days to days with more time.

Organizing Your Home and Office

Organizing your time and tasks is just the first part of saving yourself time. Organizing your living and workspace will also save you time and steps. Getting your house organized can reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning or looking for items.

For example, organizing your closet can make locating what you want to wear a simple task particularly if you organize by colors and separate business from casual. The easier it is to find something, the fewer steps you'll have to make.

Your office (whether it's at home or at a company) is another area where organizing can save you time and frustration. Keep your computer organized by filing documents in an easily identifiable and logical file system. By minimizing clutter, you can save yourself a lot of time.

Cluster Like with Like

As with your time and tasks, cluster like with like in organizing your home and office. Paper files should all be placed in folders and in a filing cabinet, drawer or flex file - whatever fits your needs. Choose a system of organization that fits your paperwork whether alphabetical or numerical.

Place all your office supplies (pens, markers, sticky notes, and stapler) in the same drawer. The idea being when you need it, you just open the drawer and take it out. You want to create a space where everything has a place and everything is in its place.

The key to saving time with organization is to develop the system that works for you. These tips can get you started.

Time Saving Organization Tips