Whirlpool Washer Parts: What Appliance Owners Should Know 

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Since Whirlpool is a fairly common brand of appliance, it is not too difficult to find Whirlpool washer parts. They are available online and at many appliance repair shops.

Determining Which Parts Are Needed

Since most people are not well versed in washing machine repair, it's best for them to have a certified technician come out and look at their washer to let them know which parts they need to repair their machine. However, those looking to go it alone can call Whirlpool at 866-698-2538 and ask a representative to send them a repair manual.

Common Replacement Parts

Like with most any other appliance, some Whirlpool washer parts have a better reputation for quality and durability than others. Parts that commonly need to be replaced are:

  • The coupler, which is attached to the transmission
  • The drain pump, which helps cycle the water out of the tub
  • The seal, which keeps the water in the machine and off the floor
  • The agitator dogs, which keep the clothes moving during the wash and rinse cycles
  • The lid switch, which tells the washer when it's closed

What this means is that those having problems with their washers should look, or have the technician look, at these parts first. However, it doesn't mean that every Whirlpool washer will have a problem with all or any of these items.

The Model Number

People ordering parts or requesting repair manuals for their Whirlpool washers will need the model number of their machines. They can find this number on a sticker inside the door or lid, depending on the type of washer. If the sticker is missing for some reason, they can take a photo of the front of their washer and send it to Whirlpool's customer service department.

Where to Order Whirlpool Washer Parts

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Wheeled laundry basket

The most obvious place to order washer parts from is Whirlpool itself. To do so, the process is as follows:

  1. Go to the customer service section of Whirlpool's website and type in the model number of the washer.
  2. Find the part number in the parts list that comes up.
  3. Call 1-866-698-2358 or email the request via the online form.

Other places to order parts online include:


Sometimes when a Whirlpool washer breaks the owners can be too quick to think that they need to replace a part on their own. If it is less than a year from the date they purchased their washer and they still have the store receipt, the repair should be covered under the manufacturer's warranty. In this case they should contact Whirlpool at 800-807-6777 to schedule someone to come out. They will not be responsible for the parts unless they broke due to severe misuse, such if they tried to wash their power tools in the machine. It's also possible to purchase a continued service plan for the next one, two or three years after the warranty expires.

People should note too that there are times when a brand X part will work just as well in a Whirlpool washer as a Whirlpool branded part but will cost significantly less money to purchase. This is recommended more for simple parts, such as the door lock, than for those involving complex mechanics. An employee at an appliance repair shop can often be a good source of information on this matter, especially if the consumer expresses that he or she is on a tight budget and has no qualms about shopping elsewhere to get the best price.

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Whirlpool Washer Parts: What Appliance Owners Should Know