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California Closets Custom Storage Solutions Gallery

Custom Storage Solutions

Finding the perfect way to store your items can be a daunting task. California Closets can help you create a storage solution that will match your needs and look great in the process. From craft rooms to bedroom closets, there are unlimited possibilities.

Custom Designed Closets

Closets come in all shapes and sizes. From freestanding units to walk-in designs, closets can keep your clothes and accessories in order and out of sight. There are many possibilities to transform a boring closet into a space that you will enjoy visiting each day.

Fun for All

Functional and stylish media storage options from California Closets can bring order to your games, cables and TVs. An entertainment center can be designed to fit your lifestyle and can either be the focal point of the room or blend in effortlessly.

Multi-Level Closet

Many homes have reach in closets that do not provide a lot of storage for your clothes. A multi-level closet can increase your storage space and provide you with a closet that will suit all your needs.

The Home Office

From telecommuting to doing homework and paying bills, home offices are used for a variety of tasks. California Closets can make it easy to transition between work and home, creating a work space that everyone in the family can enjoy.

Garage Storage

Garages can be turned into highly functional spaces by integrating products such as shelving, cabinets, tabletops and more. Look for innovative solutions that will make your garage an extension of your home and a place can be used for more things other than just your car.

Keep Your Family Organized

Products from California Closets can keep every place in your home organized and clutter free. Whether it is your foyer, mudroom or an entry way, storage solutions can be designed to hold all your essentials from keys to boots.

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California Closets Custom Storage Solutions Gallery