Gladiator GarageWorks Products

Innovative Products

Gladiator GarageWorks products are designed to make life more organized and convenient. The line includes a range of products such as cabinets, flooring, wall systems, hooks, baskets and work benches as well as specialty items such as refrigerators. Each item can be used alone or integrated into a complete package that will transform your garage space into something spectacular.

Work Out In Style

A personal gym can be a stylish addition to any home by using Gladiator's fitness-themed products. From wall gearboxes to custom flooring, your dream gym is possible. Consider converting unused space into an area that can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Gardening and More

Gardeners can relish in products that are both useful and attractive. Gladiator's gardening themed products can hold all of your gardening and lawn care supplies and make them visible and easy to find. Display your most used items in an attractive set-up so they are always within your reach.

Ultimate Garage Refrigeration

Gladiator Chillerator is an Energy Star refrigerator has built in climate control that keeps the internal temperature consistent regardless of outside conditions and is ideal for use in garages where temperatures can fluctuate between hot and cold. This innovative appliance is created to run efficiently in extreme environments and fit into any décor.

Splash of Color

Gladiator floor tiles can add a splash of color to any garage. They come in colors such as red, black, blue and white and can be done in patterns or solids. Garages no longer have to be drab or boring since there are many options to consider that will brighten up any area that needs a little work.

Added Conveniences

Gladiator products are designed to put your most used items within your reach. You no longer need to search through piles of tools to find the one you need. Gladiator's wall systems make it easy to hang your ladders, shovels, tools as well as keys, duct tape, paint brushes and hardware anywhere you please.

Recycle Zone

Gladiator Garage Works' unique products include steel shelves, trash compactors and clean up caddies that can turn your space into a recycle zone. It is simple to be kind to the environment when there are products designed to make the task easy.

Most Gladiator products can be found at local garage supply dealers as well as appliance retailers such as Sears or Lowes. They can also be found online at

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Gladiator GarageWorks Products