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7 Household Gadgets That Will Cut Your Cleaning Time in Half

Woman with cleaning supplies

No one enjoys mopping the floor, vacuuming the carpet, or scrubbing the toilet. Unfortunately, if you want to adult, you need to do housework - just like how you have to cook your dinner and file your taxes. Luckily, there are plenty of cleaning gadgets to help get your home ready for your mom's impromptu visit in half the time.

1. The Dusty Droid You've Been Looking For

Why push a Swiffer around the room when you can get a robot to do the job for you? You don't even need Rosie from The Jetsons.

The RoboMop Floor Sweeper is a completely wireless cleaning robot that rolls its way around the room independently, sweeping up all the dust and debris in its wake. You don't even need to watch it, practically eliminating your floor-sweeping time.

Safe for all hard floor surfaces, it's like a cuter and cleaner version of BB-8. The robot itself is spherical, so it can move in practically any direction.

2. The Power Tool for Your Bathroom

Bust that scum like nobody's business! One of the worst parts of cleaning the bathroom is having to get on your hands and knees to scrub all those disgusting nooks and crannies. No one wants to be eye level with the toilet, basically, ever.

The folks at Black & Decker took their expertise in power tools and adapted it for a more domestic purpose in the Scumbuster Xtreme Cleaner. It's got a motorized roller brush at the end of a 3-in-1 extension handle that will scrub that tub and rinse that sink in half the time... and without the backbreaking labor. Just don't mistake the Scumbuster for a back massager!

3. Leaf It to the Looj

Many people are already familiar with the iRobot brand thanks to the almost ubiquitous Roomba line of robot vacuum cleaners. It's time to welcome more of your robot overlords, not only into your home, but also above and around it.

The iRobot Looj is one of the best gutter cleaners available today, whipping around your gutters with its four-stage auger to get rid of all the leaves and other crud that has accumulated in there. The robot tank, with a leaf-removing propeller brush, moves along your gutter on its own, massacring that debris without needing you to climb up and down the ladder 1,500 times. That's a huge time saver! And it comes with a belt clip too, which, clearly, is its most important selling point.

4. Freedom From Scooping Cat Poo

Cat and litter box

Feline companionship has its price. In addition to clawed furniture and scratched faces, you also have to deal with clearing out that litter box every day. Or do you? The appeal of the ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box is right there in its name: it is self-cleaning.

Instead of scooping out the joys of cat ownership every day, you can go up to 30 days before you need to replace the litter tray. You are literally cutting your poop-scooping days by a factor of 30! When kitty has finished her business, the ScoopFree automatically clears the slate for her next delivery.

If you're worried about having month-old kitty poop in the house, the ScoopFree has a closed waste compartment "for superior odor control." It won't do anything about your mutilated armchair, however.

5. You Need a Reverse Vacuum in Your Life

In the movie Crocodile Dundee, the title character famously one-ups his would-be mugger with the line, "That's not a knife. THIS is a knife." After you pick up the DataVac Electric Duster, you'll have every excuse to use the same line on anyone with those puny little compressed air canisters. You can even use the Aussie accent if you want.

Powered by a 500-watt motor, this little sucker really blows. Literally. It blasts out a powerful and controlled stream of air - like a vacuum in reverse or a miniature leaf blower, dislodging all the crumbs in your keyboard and all the dust inside your desktop tower. Since it's so much more powerful than cans of compressed air, you'll spend much less time going over the same trouble spots again and again.

The DataVac Electric Duster is designed for cleaning computers, but can just as easily be used anywhere.

6. Grime's Getting Hot and Bothered

Gross. You've got grease baked onto your stovetop. You've got leftover food stuck to your countertop. You've got nasty grime stuck to your oven racks. Before breaking out the chemicals Walter White style (tighty whities notwithstanding), grab a McCulloch Handheld Steam Cleaner and leave your yellow hazmat suit in the shed.

By heating up water to over 200 degrees Fahrenheit, it can bust out the power of hot, forceful steam to clean and sanitize just about anything in your kitchen. Instead of spending half an hour scrubbing over the same disgusting spot on your stove with a scouring pad, you can blast it with steam and kiss that grime goodbye. Well, not literally. Because kissing grime is gross.

7. Cleaning Windows Really Sucks

Why use just normal squeegee when you can power squeegee with the Karcher WV50? Cue the Tim Allen grunt.

You can forget about taking out the paper towels to wipe off your squeegee blade after each swipe. And you won't have to mop up the inevitable pool of cleaning solution that ends up in the corner of your window sill either. The power squeegee integrates a wet vacuum to suck up that fluid as you wipe across any non-porous surface. Instead of two or three steps, you've got just one.

It's like wielding the power of Greyskull... if He-Man was responsible for cleaning your windows and bathroom mirrors.

A Clean Sweep for Technology

Not too many people living in modern society head down to the local brook with a washboard to clean their pantaloons anymore. They've got washing machines for that. You don't need carrier pigeons when you've got e-mail. You don't need a horse-drawn buggy when you've got a Camry.

And you don't need to rely on old world methods to clean your home either. Use these gadgets and spend your "extra" time on something more productive, like browsing for cute outfits on Pinterest or watching funny cat videos on YouTube.

7 Household Gadgets That Will Cut Your Cleaning Time in Half