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Expert Holiday Cleaning Tips

Quickie Cleaning

Are you looking for expert holiday cleaning tips? Augie DeLuca, Chief Marketing Officer for Quickie Manufacturing Corporation, a top household cleaning product manufacturer, shares his suggestions for getting your home in top shape before company arrives for the holidays in this exclusive expert interview.

Expert Holiday Cleaning Tips from Quickie Manufacturing

Holiday Cleaning Challenges

LoveToKnow (LTK): What do you see as the biggest challenges to getting your home ready for holiday visitors?

Augie DeLuca (AD): Time, clutter and house guests are the three biggest challenges to getting your home ready for holiday visitors.

  • Time - People are busy visiting friends and family, or running around to finish last minute holiday errands. Focus on cleaning the public areas of your home where guests will be spending the majority of their time. Pay close attention to your kitchen, floors and bathrooms.
  • Clutter - Keeping your home clutter free is another challenge people face when preparing for their guests' arrival. Keep your counters and common living areas free from unnecessary furniture, children's toys and stacks of holiday greeting cards. Designate a room or area in your home where you can easily place these items so they will be out of sight and out of the way. A bedroom or office area is usually a good spot.
  • House Guests - During the holiday season, company is constantly coming and going. Keep your home clean on a regular basis by having a variety of quick-clean tools on hand. Place a few of these items in the main areas of your home - bathroom, kitchen and living room for a swift cleaning job. Our micro fiber cloths are small enough to store under the sink or in cabinet draws.

Getting Prepared for Holiday Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning for the Holidays

LTK: What suggestions do you have for getting ready to tackle pre-holiday cleaning tasks?

AD: The biggest mistake I see people make is that they don't have the basic tools and supplies to clean their homes. The first thing you should do is take an inventory of all the supplies you have on-hand and what you need to buy. Some tools you should always have on your list are: sponges, dusters, cloths for wiping up messes, a mop and scrubbers to tackle tough residue left over on pots and pans. Many of these items can be found at your local grocery or home improvement store.

LTK: What kinds of cleaning supplies and equipment are essential for effective holiday cleaning?

AD: Choose a cleaning tool for each surface area in your home; this will make for an effective and efficient cleaning job. Mops are great for floors and baseboards, while dusters are ideal for surface cleaning. Don't forget the versatile sponge for cleaning up spills. Dust gathers quickly on venetian blinds, but a simple swipe with our mini blind duster will get the job done. Remember the outside of your home is important too. To keep steps free from ice and snow, these areas should be swept directly following a dusting of snow. In fact, our Super Bulldozer Pushbroom is great for handling tough outdoor projects.

Tips to Avoid Common Holiday Cleaning Problems

LTK: What are some of the most common holiday cleaning pitfalls to try to avoid?

AD: People get stressed and think that they have to clean their whole house at once. If you're tight on time, pick the main rooms that will be visible to guests and focus on cleaning those rooms.

Another way to avoid cleaning pitfalls is by choosing your cleaning tools wisely. Tools that can do double duty in your home work best for handling a quick cleaning job. Look for a duster that can clean your furniture and glass surfaces at the same time. Quickie's Microfiber Chenille Dust Mitt works great on wood surfaces to capture dust and dirt, but it can also be used to dust picture frames and large home electronics, like TV screens.

LTK: What tips can you have to help people avoid having extra stress related to holiday cleaning?

AD: Cleaning shouldn't be stressful - it can actually be fun and relaxing. Turn on your favorite holiday music and sing along while cleaning. Get your kids involved too! It's a great way to spend time together while also pitching in around the house.

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Special Thanks to Augie DeLuca

LoveToKnow would like to thank Augie DeLuca for taking the time to share these expert holiday cleaning tips with readers and wishes Quickie Manufacturing continued success.

Expert Holiday Cleaning Tips