How to Clean Mini Blinds


Have you been looking for a few tips and tricks on how to clean mini blinds to make this dreaded job easier? Well this article has plenty of ideas that will keep your mini blinds in top shape.

How To Clean Mini Blinds

Mini blinds, one of the most popular window coverings, attract dust, dirt, grease, cobwebs and more. Frequent cleaning of your mini blinds will make the job easier in the long run, but unfortunately, most people wait until the blinds are so caked with dust and grime they actually appear to be a different color. There are several ways to clean mini blinds, from simple dusting to taking them down and submersing them in water. Mini-blinds are made of different materials, such as cloth, wood, metal, and vinyl. It is necessary to use a different cleaning method for each type of blind.

Dusting and Vacuuming Mini-Blinds

All types of mini-blinds benefit from frequent dusting and/or vacuuming. As a matter of fact, dusting the mini-blinds should be on your weekly 'to do' list. The best method for removing dust is using a vacuum cleaner with a hose and brush attachment. A good method for dusting your blinds are as follows:

  • Spin the blinds downward and vacuum one side.
  • Spin the blinds upward and vacuum the other side.
  • Do not forget to vacuum the top valance and the cords.
  • If you do not have a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment, you can use a special duster made for mini-blinds or a regular feather duster.
  • If you live in a damp climate, do not dust your mini-blinds at a time of day when there might be moisture on the blinds.

Washing Mini-blinds

Wiping the blinds down with a wet cloth is an option for blinds made of plastic, metal, or wood. The washcloth method of cleaning mini blinds is used for blinds that should not get completely wet. Use caution if the blinds are made of cloth, as any type of water may discolor them. To clean the mini-blinds, dampen a sponge or cloth with water. Wipe down each blind on the front and back.

Cleaning Solution

Mini-blinds that are in your kitchen may be covered with built up grease and grime. Washing with just water may not be effective. Mix up a homemade mini-blind cleaning solution in a bucket with one part water and one part ammonia. Ammonia cuts built up grease and grime and makes the cleaning process easier.

Deep Cleaning

Some blinds will need further cleaning than just a good vacuuming and dusting. Remove the blinds from their brackets to clean them easier and more thoroughly. If the weather is nice take the blinds outside and hang them up on your patio. Use your hose and spray down the blinds. If you do not want to take the blinds outside, submerse the blinds in a bathtub of water. Hang up the mini blinds and spin them open to let them dry. Please keep in mind, the only mini-blinds that should be cleaned with this method are those made of metal or plastic.

Fabric Softener Sheets

After you have vacuumed your mini-blinds, wipe them down with fabric softener sheets. These sheets will remove additional dust as well as deposit an anti-static quality to them. Dust will not settle on the blinds as readily as before.

Final Tips and Tricks

Following are a few final tips on how to clean mini blinds.

  • Wood blinds-Do not completely soak wooden mini-blinds, this may cause them to warp. Use furniture polish to wipe them down. Spray a small amount of polish on a rag, not directly to the blinds.
  • Fabric blinds-Do not use any water to clean fabric blinds. Vacuuming is the best method for cleaning them. Cloth blinds are not recommended for the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Young children should not be given the job of cleaning mini-blinds because they are fragile.
  • Clean the cords on the mini blinds with a small amount of bleach mixed with water. The cords used to open and close the blinds can be submersed in a small bowl with the bleach solution. Substitute soapy water for the bleach, if the cords are not white.
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How to Clean Mini Blinds