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If you are looking for a quality mop that will make your floor cleaning efforts go a little easier, you'll be excited to find out about the Quickie Microfiber Twist Mop. Quickie Manufacturing, long time top manufacturer of home cleaning tools, sent a sample mop to the LoveToKnow Cleaning editorial team for review. I checked out the product on the brick, tile and wood floors in my home and am happy to be able to share my experiences with you.

About the Quickie Microfiber Twist Mop

The Quickie Microfiber Twist mop is designed to take some of the stress and effort out of the chore of floor cleaning. It is designed for use on all types of hard floor surfaces, including tile, linoleum, laminate, brick, wood and more. You can use it in any room of your home that has hard floor covering for wet or dry mopping.

The mop head is made from super-absorbent microfiber, which makes it different from most other home mop products on the market. Rather than cleaning your floor with a mop that's fitted with cotton rope strings, this mop's cleaning power comes from soft strands made from highly absorbent microfiber.

Using the Microfiber Twist Mop

Using the mop is not difficult at all. There are visual instructions that very easy to follow on the mop's packaging materials. There is a twist bar on the handle, making it very easy to wring out excess water in between soaking the mop and placing it on your floor for cleaning activity, as well as after you are finished. For general mopping, simply release the twist bar and the microfiber strands will spread out and cover a nice size surface area. Simply push the cleaning tool as you would with any other mop and start cleaning your floor.

This mop also has a unique feature that makes it easy to scrub particularly difficult spots. There's a mildly abrasive scrubber, like the scratch side of a scrubbing sponge, on the very bottom of the mop. To use the scrubber, simply keep the mop in wringing position. The microfiber strands will stay close together, allowing you to direct the scrubber toward a specific area.

Additionally, the mop head can be removed from the handle and tossed in the washing machine to be cleaned. This extends the life of the mop and makes it possible for you to be certain that you aren't introducing old dirt to your floors as a result of continuing to reuse a mop without being able to really clean it in between uses.

Unique Microfiber Mop Features

According to Quickie Manufacturing, this particular mop is even more absorbent than other microfiber mops that are on the market. The company asserts that its Microfiber Twist Mop has the ability to absorb a third more water than competitors' products. This is the first microfiber mop that I have used, so I can't provide firsthand comparisons about that. However, I can say that it's certainly more absorbent than the traditional mops that I have worked with in the past.

Special Recognition from the TwitterMoms

The Quickie Microfiber Twist Mop holds the unique distinction of being the first product ever to receive the TwitterMoms Seal of Approval. This means that the mop was evaluated members of by the TwitterMoms.com panel with positive results. After putting the mop through rigorous, real world testing in their own homes, 96 percent of the panel members who tried the mop concluded that they'd recommend the product to their friends.

Final Review Results

After performing an independent product review as a member of the LoveToKnow Cleaning editorial team, I have to say that I agree with the TwitterMoms. This mop does a great job cleaning hard surfaces and is quite easy to use. I plan to continue to use the mop that I reviewed and am happy to recommend it to readers. Want to learn more about Quickie Manufacturing's product line? See LoveToKnow's Quickie Green Cleaning Product Review for information about my experiences with the company's dust mitt, mini blind duster and microfiber cleaning cloths.

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Quickie Microfiber Twist Mop