Closet Storage Containers

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If your closet is cluttered and over-crowded, closet storage containers may help you get the clutter under control. If you own your own home, you may find it worthwhile to invest in built-in systems for containers. These systems typically consist of wall mounted racks, rods, partitions, and shelves to which freestanding containers can be added. If you are a renter or if you are not ready to make the investment required for built-ins, you can buy freestanding containers that can be moved when you move.

Kinds of Closet Storage Containers

Most built-in storage containers or units designed for closets consist of rods, shelves, cubby holes, and racks. Many of these units are specialized. For example, drawers are available for purses, jewelry, and other accessories. Larger drawers can hold hats, sweaters, t-shirts, and jeans. Special hangers keep pants, skirts, suits, and dresses neat. Shoe bags and racks hold pairs of shoes and work well if you do not have a lot of shoes. However, shoe boxes or cubby holes may take up less space for a large number of shoes. Special hangers are available for belts, ties, and scarves. Garment bags keep suits, gowns, and formal wear from becoming dusty; they can also protect woolens from moths.

Where to Buy Storage Containers

Built-In Storage

Building supply stores such as Home Depot and Lowes have a wide variety of systems and components for building storage containers into your closet. These stores are focused on the do-it-yourself market, so you will need to do some planning before you shop for closet storage. You'll need to measure the dimensions of your closet and take an inventory of the items in your closet. That will help you select the best components for your needs. Before you actually buy the components, you may wish complete a sketch including all of the containers you will need to buy. There are also on-line resources for built-in closet storage you can design and install yourself. Easy Closets, one such example, provides an on-line design tool. Easy Closets also gives you the option of having one of their designers create the design. Closet Storage Concepts sends consultants to your home to design a solution for you.

Free-Standing Containers

Free-standing containers are available from building supply stores, container stores, and department stores. It is worthwhile browsing in brick and mortar stores and online to get ideas about the offerings available. The array of products will likely stimulate your imagination and help you solve problems unique to your closet and your belongings. Some stores where specialized containers can be purchased follow:

Should I Do It Myself?

If you are not interested in built in closet accessories, you may be happy buying free-standing closet storage containers. If you want built-in storage, you have several options. At the high end, you can work with a company that measures your closets, creates a designed based on interviews with you about your needs, and installs the closet components and provides all of the storage containers. If you want to install built-ins yourself, you can get order custom components from an on-line company and install them yourself. You can also buy components at a building supply company and design and integrate the components yourself.

Whatever you decide, adding storage will help you alleviate closet clutter and make it easier to organize your clothing and accessories.

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Closet Storage Containers