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Cleaning and disinfecting properly never seemed so important as it does now in the time of fears over coronavirus. Making sure you're using the right supplies and cleaning properly is critical to ensuring your home and family stay safe and healthy.

Disinfecting and Cleaning Tips

There are many ways you can clean your home, but are you doing it the correct way? Not using the right products, whether it's the cleaner you use or the tools like mops and sponges, can lead to a false sense of security if you haven't removed potential harmful pathogens. There are also different products for different surfaces, such as what you would use to clean your kitchen and bathroom counters compared to cleaning your cell phone and electronic accessories. If you don't know whether you should use bleach or hydrogen peroxide, making sure you use the right product can keep you safe and also protect your belongings.

DIY Cleaning and Disinfecting Supplies

With all the understandable panic over COVID-19, it can be hard to find cleaning and disinfecting supplies available in stores. Other people simply can't buy them because they prefer to stay home and avoid stores altogether. With the right ingredients that you may already have at home, you can make DIY sprays, soaps, and wipes by yourself that can be just as effective as store-bought brands on germs and bacteria. Common household staples like vinegar, rubbing alcohol and plain dish soap can all be used to create cleaning and disinfecting supplies.

Healthy Cleaning Checklists

One way to keep your cleaning regimens organized and make sure you're hitting all potential hot spots for virus growth is by creating cleaning checklists. You can make one for every room in the house, as well as for special equipment like your cell phone, laptop and other electronic items. Checklists can also help control feelings of anxiety when you're understandably worried about the safety of your family and pets.

Cleaning Techniques

Once you know what to use, how to make your own supplies, and have a list of the places you need to clean, it's time to get started. Make sure you follow proper cleaning techniques to make sure your efforts are effective, whether you're cleaning your bathroom or need to know how to wash your hands properly.

Keep Healthy With Proper Cleaning

The best thing you can do for your family, pets and friends is to follow protocols endorsed by public health organizations like the Centers for Disease Control. Using effective processes for cleaning and disinfecting your home and belongings and keeping to a schedule can go a long way toward keeping everyone close to you healthy for the long term.

Coronavirus Cleaning Help