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Are you looking for suggestions on how to organize closets? Dealing with a messy closet every day can certainly cause a great deal of stress. However, keeping the area where you store your wardrobe in order can be also quite challenging. Looking at closet organization options and adopting the ones that make sense for your storage needs and available space is a great way to reduce your stress level by making it a little easier to find an appropriate outfit to wear every day.

How to Organize Closets: Six Tips

Closets come in all shapes and sizes, as do wardrobes. That's why there's not one right way to properly organize a closet. For example, the closet organization needs of a stay-at-home mom who wears casual attire on most days are likely quite different from a working professional who wears business suits several days each week. The best way to organize your own closet is the one that makes optimal use of the space that you have and that makes it as easy as possible for you to store and retrieve the items in your wardrobe.

Here are six suggestions for how to organize closets that you may find to be helpful.

1. Eliminate Unnecessary Clutter

If you're struggling to get and keep your closet organized, the first thing you need to do is eliminate items that you don't wear. If you want to keep clothes from years (or decades!) gone by for sentimental reasons, store them somewhere other than the closet that houses your everyday wardrobe. As a general rule, if you haven't worn something in over a year, you are not likely to wear it again. Give it away, take it to a consignment shop or store it in an under-bed storage box if you want to keep it.

2. Seasonal Rotation

It is advisable to rotate your wardrobe and reorganize your closet with each season. Simply remove items from prime closet real estate that you will not wear for several months due to the climate. If you have a large closet with plenty of space, move out of season items to the back areas that are the most difficult to reach. If your closet is small, pull out of season items off the hanging rack and store them in a guest room closet or in under bed storage boxes or in Space Bags.

3. Place Like Items Together

Place similar items together in your closet. Hang all of your shirts together, preferably arranged by color. Follow suit with your jackets, skirts, slacks and dresses. You may also want to group casual and dressy items within each category together. Try to arrange all of the longest clothing items on one side of the closet. This will make it easier for you to find things and ensure that the hanging items that are side by side hang to approximately the same place.

4. Utilize Floor Space

Once you have all of the shorter items grouped together, this should free up some space on the bottom of your closet for you to place shoe organizers, stacking crates or even a night stand or small dresser that has a few drawers. This will allow you to keep non-hanging items stored in the closet in an orderly manner.

5. Use the Back of the Door

Place a hanging rack on the back of your closet door. There are several styles available. Some offer rows of wire baskets that can be used to store small non-hanging items while others are bars that contain robe hooks or racks that can be used to hold hanging clothing items.

6. Make Use of Wall Space

Place hooks on accessible areas of your closet wall and use them to hang scarves, purses, hats and other items. As an alternative to hooks, you may simply want to hammer long nails into studs or install a wire closet organizer rack on the wall.

Getting Started On Your Closet

While you'd probably like to double or triple the size of your closet, that just might not be feasible. However, what you can do is commit to making the most of the space that you have. In order to figure out the best approach, it will probably be best to remove everything from your closet. This will let you see exactly what you have to work with in terms of space.

When assessing your closet space, look beyond the size of the storage area and the hanging bar that is already installed. Also look at the backs of the doors, accessible wall space, the floor and the area above the hanging bar to see if it might be possible to install hooks, shelves and closet organization kits as a way of maximizing the area.

Additional Sources of Inspiration

If you just see an empty closet or if you're having trouble visualizing what types of changes might be beneficial, spend some time looking at closet organizer products and reviewing books that show pictures and diagrams of well-organized wardrobe storage solutions. Your local library may have titles like Smart Closet Makeovers, Room by Room Storage Solutions and more available for you to check out. You just might find a few ideas that will help you get your closet clutter under control.

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How to Organize Closets