Storage Solutions and Ideas

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Price List for Auto Detailing

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Storage solutions are about creating a new sense of order and organization in your kitchen, garage, closet, office, and every other part of your home and life. Clutter has a way of taking over a space if you don't have the right storage options. Learn about different storage solutions and ideas to use around your home.

Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Storage solutions are about creating a new sense of order and organization in your small space, like a bedroom, closet, or bathroom. Explore these tips for storage ideas in small spaces.

Use Small Bins

Use stackable clear storage containers to organize your bathroom or closet supplies. This works great with cleaning supplies. It can also work to organize your winter and summer clothing so it's out of the way but still accessible.

Go up With Shelving

Go vertical with your shelves, like adding a corner shelf. This maximizes the space in bathrooms and closets. This can be handy for holding small items in a tight closet or bathroom.

Door Storage

When you have a small closet and you need to fit a lot into it, don't let any space go unturned. This includes the back of a door. Using hanging shelves on the back of a door can give you the perfect places for gloves and hats.

Break Up Space

In addition to stackable bins, you can use decorative baskets and closet bins on top of dressers or in a closet to help organize hair accessories or jewelry. These open bins make them easy for anyone in the home to use.

Get Functional Storage From Everyday Items

From your bedside table to your bed frame, look for items with storage cubbies and areas. For example, headboards and bedframes can be bought with storage compartments in them. This makes sure that every inch of your room isn't wasted.

Outdoor Storage Ideas

Storage ideas don't just stop when you leave your home. They are helpful for your yard and garage as well. Try these quick tips to get more out of your outdoor space.

Large Storage Containers

Large 20-gallon containers and big buckets in the yard are helpful for keeping gardening and toys tamed. They can also easily be stacked and stored in the garage. Large storage barrels can be used to collect rainwater and store large gardening tools like racks and hoes.

Peg Boards

When it comes to your garage and tools, you can't go wrong with a pegboard. This helps you to organize and store your tools without cluttering up your garage floor. Hooks for larger tools like rakes work great as well.

Hanging Organizers

Think about using hanging organizers for your hand tools and gloves. The multiple pockets can also be great for nuts, bolts, and nails.

Storage Bench

Benches on your deck come in handy for sitting but can double as a storage compartment. You can use these to keep outdoor cushions, pool towels, and toys. You can also add a compartment to the bench and use it in the garage.

Best Food Storage Solutions

Food storage isn't a one-stop-shop, despite what Tupperware tries to tell you. There are all different types of storage containers you can use for food. Find out a few of the best food storage containers for your refrigerator and freezer.

  • Glass containers aren't as porous as plastic and can be safer for food. These are great for storing food in the fridge and freezer.
  • Plastic containers are easier to transport and work great for lunches.
  • Storage bags are perfect for sandwiches and freezing food.

Meeting Your Storage Needs

Finding the right storage for your home can help you on the road to being more organized and maximizing your space. Now that you have a place to get started, dive into everything storage that LTK has to offer.

Storage Solutions and Ideas