20 Gallon Storage Containers

Storage Containers

Are you looking for 20 gallon storage containers? These multi-purpose containers are widely available throughout the year with an increase in availability during the holiday season.  Learn where to find the right 20 gallon container to meet your needs.

Finding the Right Container for Your Needs

Oversized containers are perfect storage mediums. The containers come in various materials, shapes and sizes.   

Material Considerations

  • Plastic: Plastic containers are ideal for your paper and seasonal decoration storage needs, recycling and lawn debris.
  • Metal: Metal containers are ideal for pet food storage, lawn and garden treatment storage and mulching.
  • Cardboard: Hard cardboard containers are ideal for fabric storage as it allows the fabric to breathe.

Shape Considerations

  • Flat: Used for long term storage as they are stackable
  • Tall: Used for debris, trash and recycling
  • Round: Used for dry food and garden chemical storage

Shopping for 20 Gallon Storage Containers

Storage Tote Containers

Whether you are planning to keep your office more organized, want to clean up your garage or need a way to quickly identify your stored seasonal decorations, the rectangular totes are your best investment. Mass retailers, office supply stores and home improvement stores often maintain stock for the 20 gallon container totes with more stock being added around the Christmas holidays. Garage totes are perfect for storing your home and garden tools, auto tools and more. Totes range in color from clear to green, red, pink and more. Color coordinating your totes can make identifying Halloween decorations from Fourth of July and Christmas items a simple matter of color coding without having to open the totes or read lists.

20-gallon tote containers are available from numerous retailers. Options include:

Recycling and Debris Containers

Heavy duty, stand up containers are ideal for your recycling needs in the office or at home. Sealable containers for recyclable aluminum cans, glass bottles and plastic can reduce the advent of flies and other pests attracted to food debris. Larger containers allow for plastic trash bags to be inserted, making external disposal simple and reducing the clean up. The metal cans are good for use with mulching lawn debris and leaves as well as storing lawn treatments like Weed and Feed. Both types of containers are good for heavy duty pet food and bird feed storage indoors or out.

Recycling and debris containers are available for purchase at:

Shopping For Your Container Needs

Many brands of containers are available fro Rubbermaid to Sterilite to Safeco, Brute and more. Rubbermaid totes tend to be constructed of heavier plastics than Sterilite’s where Safeco and Brute have tougher lids and latches. Take your time to look at the density of the material as well as how securely the lid attaches. In some cases, you may prefer the items with openings in the top or the side for ease of disposal, particularly in an office.

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20 Gallon Storage Containers