7 Best Outdoor Clotheslines for Any Budget 

Clothes on a line

Where to buy outdoor clotheslines besides your local hardware store is a legitimate question because the hardware store usually only carries one or two varieties. The first type is your standard plastic type and the other is the stiff rope type that may or may not hold your laundry. Hardly enough choices, right? So where to buy outdoor clothesline? Check out some of the online places below.

Find Out Where to Buy Outdoor Clotheslines


For anything having to with outdoor clotheslines, your best online spot is Clothesline Shop.The actual site is very plain, but they have a large selection of clotheslines, clothespins, hampers, and more. Some of their outdoor clotheslines:

  • T-posts: your traditional style where two posts hold up 20, 30, or 40 feet of clothesline.
  • Umbrella Type: these are single posts that are driven into the ground and at the top is an upside down umbrella with three protruding posts with clothesline between them.
  • Wall Mount: you can mount a small clothesline rack on the outside wall of your house. It's a very simple way to dry a small amount of clothes at one time.

At the same store, you can get indoor clotheslines. There are a few types of these also.

  • Folding Stand: These are the most common ones because when you are done with them, they can fold right up and be stored in a small place.
  • Retractable: These type are mounted in the showers. The rod pulls about three, five, or seven lines from which you can hang your clothes.
  • Ceiling Dryer: As you can imagine, this type hangs from the ceiling and gives you a decent square to hang clothes on.

You can also find unique items like resin wicker hampers, or multi-compartment hampers. This site is where to buy outdoor clotheslines.

Breeze Catcher

Visit Breeze Catcher for a nice selection of rotary clotheslines. These are basically the umbrella types that have your clothes sit up in the air to dry. They offer three and four arm models as well as one of their popular models, The High Dryer. This model is a top seller and is almost always out. Keep checking the sight periodically to catch it in-stock.

They also sell a clothesline elevator which is mainly used in the city. There are two pulleys. One that raises the clothes up and down for convenience and then one to pulls the clothes horizontally.

Hardware Stores

You won't have the large selection that you would online, but you can find clothelines at your local hardware store.

  • Ace Hardware: Surely there's an Ace Hardware within driving distance. They will carry a couple of the clothelines to suit most people who like to dry their clothes outside. Ace will also carry different strengths of the actual line.
  • Menards: This store will probably have the weakest selection out of any brick and mortar store or online store. You will find the actual line in abundance, but posts and such will be hardly an option.
  • Lowe's: You'll be in the same boat at this store as you would with Menards.

How to Set up an Outdoor Clothesline

Stuck on the proper way to set up your clothesline? Check out MarthaStewart.com for advice on stringing your line and setting up your posts.

That Fresh Smell

Drying your clothes outside is a great way to get that fresh smell. It's been done for hundreds of years, so why shouldn't you do it? Hopefully you have found an answer to "where to buy outdoor clothelines" and will be pinning your clothes outside for that nice airy feeling that will fluff nicely…much better than your washing machine and dryer.

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7 Best Outdoor Clotheslines for Any Budget